Message from president:


shahid Dear Friends Assalamualaikum,

It is my pleasure and honor to welcome you to this website for the Federation of the Aligarh Alumni Associations. I invite you to explore this site, which you will find quite informative related to the Federation’s and member associations’ activities. This site is interactive to provide feedback and post your queries.


The Federation is composed of independently functional member associations located in various cities/states of the United States. The overall mission of the Federation is to foster and support the Aligarh Movement in all its forms, which Sir Syed and his comrades envisioned. During its annual conventions and other deliberation platforms, the Federation sets its annual goals. The AMU Vice-Chancellor Lt. Gen. Zameeruddin Shah attended the 2013 Federation convention held in Houston as chief-guest. He very passionately updated the Alumni with the AMU affairs- strengths and needs. Overall he delivered a clear message with an appeal- ‘time to pay back to the Alma mater’. He made a call to financially support his quest to modernize the university classroom into smart classroom. During the convention, representatives of various member associations, individuals and the Federation pledged to support smart classroom project, which I as an academician believe is a giant step in the right direction to meet academic standard/challenges of the 21st century, the era of technology. As promised Gen. Shah already created an alumni department with Maj Gen Govind Dwivedi as its head, who will coordinate all alumni affairs. I urge the alumni living in the US and around the world to respond to the call of the vice-chancellor and support AMU in ways that you can.


The Federation also has been working on the Knowledge Transfer to AMU project. In response to a survey, the ‘old boys and girls’ who are settled in US and working in academia and corporations desire to impart their expertise to AMU students and faculty. The Vice-Chancellor promised to figure out the logistics and mechanisms of knowledge and expertise transfer. We are very much aware of the fact that all institutions of higher learning have their own premise of curriculum development and teaching, which are owned by the faculty of that institution; the alumni can only contribute as asked by the institution.


The Federation of Aligarh Alumni Associations is poised to be creative in finding new ways and committed to facilitate any efforts made by individuals and organizations supporting the Aligarh Tehreek, an ongoing process! The motto of the Federation for 2013 is “we must be together and work together to make a difference that we strive for.” Great persons make organizations as their legacy to stay and sadaqa-e-jariya supporting the cause they stand for! Great organizations evolve and must evolve to meet the need of the time that waits for no one. On behalf the current Board of Directors, I salute the wisdom of those who have been instrumental in establishing and strengthening the Federation.

Tahir Hussain, PhD
President, FAAA 2013-14