FAAA Election 2013 Results


Election Results 2013:  

Here is an account of the way in which elections were conducted and results announced.

Dear Councilors:    ASAK
For those who were unable to attend the Convention of the Federation of Aligarh Alumni Associations at Houston on June 28-30, 2013, here is the list of the elected office bearers of the Federation for 2013-14 for your information.
Trustee:               Dr. Shaheer Khan      Nominated by:   Dr. Habib Zuberi     Seconded by:  Dr. Wasi Siddiqui
President:            Dr. Tahir Hussain       Nominated by:   Dr. Shaheer Khan   Seconded by:  Dr. Saif Sheikh and Mr. Adil Khan
President Elect:   Dr. Saif Sheikh          Nominated by:   Dr. Habib Zuberi     Seconded by:  Dr. Shaheer Khan
Secretary Elect:   Dr. Saleem Shah        Nominated by:   Dr. Shakeel Khan   Seconded by:  Dr. Habib Zuberi
Treasurer Elect:    Mr. Ali Asad Rizvi      Nominated by:   Dr. Tahir Hussain    Seconded by:  Dr. Shaheer Khan
I congratulate all the above office bearers for being elected to their respective positions and thank them for coming forward to serve our Alig community. I sincerely hope they will take the Federation to a new height.
I would like to add that my appointment as election officer has ended immediately after the election on June 29, 2013 and I thank every one for the opportunity to serve you.
With best wishes and regards,
M. Umar Farooq
Election Officer, FAAA Elections 2013
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